For the first time! try out our simple, integrated design & analysis software which enables engineers to deliver safe, effective, and rationalized design quickly, regardless of structural material.


Here you will find some practical advice and information to help you access Tekla software and services remotely.

Additionally, we have collected information about our products and services that might make a real difference keeping your business competitive.

Tekla 2020


Just like music, construction requires collaboration. With tons of new collaboration-boosting updates and features, Tekla 2020 is the key to a perfectly orchestrated BIM structural workflow.

Free Tekla Webinar

Competitive Advantage with Model-Based Rebar Detailing

Watch how to quickly and easily model rebar, automate accurate drawings and sending fabrication-ready information to the shop.

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Tekla Model Sharing FREE Trial

Start your three month trial and receive 10 free Tekla Model Sharing licenses, with no commitment to buy.

Tekla Developer Awards 2020

Solved a problem and wrote great code? Join the Tekla Developer Awards 2020 competition to get your app in front of Tekla users globally!

What's New Webinars

Tekla 2020

These webinars will present the latest developments in Tekla software: Tekla Structures 2020, Tekla Structural Designer 2020, Tekla Tedds 2020, Tekla Model Sharing 2020 and Trimble Connect.

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Trimble’s new living, breathing case study!

We are excited to introduce our showcase website for our new office being built in Espoo, Finland. Highlighting how Trimble technology and services are used during the planning, design, fabrication and construction phases.



Power up your production, project management, estimating and purchasing with one seamless, easy-to-use solution, made specifically for steel fabricators. Visualize and share fabrication information like never before!

What is BIM?

“With BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, one or more accurate virtual models of a building are constructed digitally. They support design through its phases, allowing better analysis and control than manual processes. When completed, these computer-generated models contain precise geometry and data needed to support the construction, fabrication, and procurement activities through which the building is realized.”

Tekla Customer Story

How the Museum of the Future is stretching the limits of structural engineering

On track to open in 2019, the iconic Museum of the Future will serve as an exhibition space for innovative and futuristic concepts, services and products. Space will also include science labs, restaurants and an auditorium.


  • ThyssenKrupp Polysius

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    Part of Scandinavian NCC Group, Optiplan is an overall planning agency for architectural, structural, HEPAC and electrical design in new buildings and renovation projects. Their branch office took...

    Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies

    Midland Steel builds constructible models virtually before going to site in order to reduce risk and use software as a tool to facilitate rebar prefabrication process in their projects.

    The Unger Steel Group

    The Unger Steel Group, based in Austria, is a frontrunner in the global construction industry. Unger creates tailor-made solutions for construction industry with a whole spectrum of service.

  • McCombs Steel

    McCombs Steel company is one of the early adopters of the Tekla PowerFab system. VP of Finance and Administration, Ricky Horton tells how the company has benefited from the real time fabrication...

    UPB Increases Efficiency Every Year

    The forward-looking engineering, production and construction company UPB can now avoid frustrating delays when modeling. They chose Tekla Model Sharing.


    The Ramboll Group is a leading Nordic company in engineering that has become an extensive Tekla Structures software user with hundreds of structural design projects delivered during recent years....


    Norway boasts some of the most advanced users of Tekla Structures software. Kynningsrud Prefab is one such customer. This division of the Kynningsrud Group is an independent total supplier to the...
  • Bayards

    The helideck specialist Bayards chose Tekla's intelligent 3D modeling software for an extremely demanding industry.


    Lawson-Fisher Associates quickly saw time savings that would come from replacing their existing methods with Tedds. Changes could now be made quickly and easily, within one piece of software and...

    High Concrete Group

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    Leading the way in building more efficiently and intelligently: The digital fabrication process at SoilBuild’s ICPH commences with the BIM model generated in Tekla Structures, which contains the...

  • iphone国内看youtube

    CPanel Company Limited, which owns and operates the first fully integrated precast concrete production facility in Thailand is transforming the construction and real estate industry in the region...

    Riverstone Structural Concepts

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    Lamprell Offshore

    Lamprell has been a significant player in the development of the Arabian Gulf offshore industry for more than 30 years. The company has been using Tekla since 2007.

    F.A. Wilhelm Construction

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  • Détail Optimal

    If you are a top structural steel designer and take quality seriously like Détail Optimal, you need to stay on top of technological development. With point cloud technology and BIM, Détail Optimal...


    To help propel itself towards the goal of becoming one of the largest construction and investment companies in ASEAN, Indonesian-based PT PP (Persero) Tbk adopts Tekla software as part of its...


    Number-one precast concrete frame producer in The Netherlands, Heembeton, has used Tekla BIM software since 2007.

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    Pinnacle teamed up with the software providers to develop a link between Fastrak and Tekla software and improved their internal BIM processes.
  • 苹果用什么翻墙上youtube

    “African steel construction is growing, definitely,” says Raheem Biviji of Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya, in the midst of a conversation covering steel and technology trends.

    DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC

    With Tekla Model Sharing, you can work on Tekla Structures models together with others regardless of your location or time zone. That is what DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC does.


    In order to achieve more cost effective processes and services, cut costly waste and add value for the customers, Celsa decided to shift focus on total cost of reinforcement including assembly and...

    O'Reilly Concrete

    O'Reilly Concrete, Ireland's leading precast concrete manufacturer, moved from 2D design to 3D design over ten years ago. By incorporating Tekla software from Trimble into its business, O'Reilly...

  • Loe Betongelementer integrate Tekla to their workflow

    At Loe, Tekla is not just for design and detailing: the company has integrated Tekla Structures with their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) which plan production and construction site...


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    Martin/Martin Standardizes Structural Calculation with Tedds

    Martin/Martin saved time, improved consistency and enhanced quality control by standardizing on structural calculation software, Tedds.


    Betset Serves its Customers Better with Real-Time Data in Trimble Connect

  • Pinnacle Consulting Engineers

    Pinnacle Consulting Engineers has utilised Trimble’s 苹果怎么看youtube on two impressive offshore projects, thanks to it being able to handle...


    When you take pride of your trade, you prefer tools that are purpose built for your needs. The concrete builder Pankow took an innovative approach to technology and construction in order to bring...

    Saipem Offshore

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    INHUS (formerly Markučiai) is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated reinforced concrete products in Lithuania. They provide also related consulting, design, production, logistics and...

  • Bennett Steel

    Accelerating Collaboration and Real-time Data Exchange Between the Office and Field with Trimble Connect


    The US general contractor and construction manager DPR specializes in technically complex and sustainable projects.


    APT created consistency and confidence across the company with Tedds, the structural calculation software, with a library of bespoke calculations.


    Cullen Steel chose Tekla products because of the high level of automation. Benefits that lead to increased productivity continue to be the most important advantage for Cullen Steel.

  • MOE

    The Danish engineering company MOE choses innovative thinking and advanced use of BIM, and utilize these in projects like the award-winning Amager Resource Center where a waste-to-energy plant...

    Leach Structural Steelwork

    Leach Structural Steelwork is a Preston, Lancashire, UK based structural steel fabrication company that specializes in commercial projects, factories, warehouses, and production facilities.

    Hollingsworth Pack

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    Kurganstalmost is on its way to become one of the top steel fabricators in Russia. Applying advanced methods has enabled the company to move on from bridges to providing tubular steel structures...

  • Clark Pacific Improves Efficiency, Productivity and Quality

    Technology-savvy Clark Pacific continually looks for ways to boost efficiency, productivity and quality by utilizing Tekla Structures for precast design and fabrication.

    Stonehenge Co., Ltd

    The engineering firm sees quick improvement in efficiency after newly adopting Tekla Structural Designer.


  • Architecture



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    Real Estate and Workplace Solutions